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Have you already volunteered or are considering volunteering to coach a team?  First, thank you! Without committed volunteers like you, AYS&B would not be able to provide kids with the opportunity to have fun with their friends and play the game they love.  Second, if you don't have a lot of experience running a youth baseball or softball team, you have bound to have questions. 

Below are some simple, yet helpful tips to make sure you understand your role as a coach as well as ideas that will help ensure your coaching experience is the best possible for you and your players. 


Baseball and Softball are simple games.  However, coaching and running effective practices can be challenging.  With a little bit of planning you'll find it isn't too hard to run a fun and effective practice.  Remember, try to structure your practices with little down time in order to keep the players’ attention!  

Check out these links for some practice and drill ideas:


Remember to have fun!  Don't get too caught-up in winning or losing.  Your main responsibility is to provide an environment that will teach the kids skills that will develop them both on the field and off the field.  Recognize solid play, critique mistakes in a supportive way, all while offering ideas on how to improve. 

Check out these links for some good game and overall coaching philosophies:


Knowing the general rules of the game is obviously important for coaching.  Take some time to review and learn the rules for the level you are coaching.  The rules for our Rookies, Coach Pitch, Minors, and Majors division are put together and maintained by AYS&B.  For all other levels AYS&B follows the rules of the Chippewa Valley Baseball League "CVBL" and the Chippewa Valley Girls Fastpitch League "CVGFL" 

Find the current rules here.


Communication with both parents and players is important.  If possible, meet with the parents to introduce yourself, explain your coaching approach, and to share your goals for the team.  Be sure to explain that this is not a win-at-all-costs program and that your responsibility is to develop players...and for those players to have fun!  At the meeting, it’s also a good opportunity to remind parents that their role is to show their support from the stands and to let the coaches coach the team.  Be clear that you’d appreciate knowing if a player cannot attend a game/practice well ahead of time so you can plan accordingly - communication needs to happen both ways.  Also, encourage them to volunteer to help at practices too if you need it!

SportsEngine has created a Team Management Guide for Coaches and Team Managers to help you use our website and mobile app to efficiently and effectively communicate and manage your teams.   SportsEngine is new to the league so if there are features you want to check out or use please reach out to our Website Director:

Adam Duquaine

Adam Duquaine

Website Director

Once again, thank you for volunteering to coach!  You’re helping provide the kids in our community an opportunity to build memories that will last a lifetime.

Scheduling Practices

If you need to cancel/reschedule/change/add practice times you must coordinate those requests/changes through the City of Altoona Parks & Rec department. Requests will be granted based on field availability. 

Our contact for those requests is: Erin Turner (715.839.5188 or

Once available, we'll post the  Master Field Schedule for the Altoona fields and it will be updated weekly.  Please use this schedule to check availability before requesting a field.